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Temperature Monitoring - Legionella Control

We all understand that there is a requirement to monitor water systems for Legionella and other waterborne bacteria. Remote Temperature Monitoring is a more effective and efficient way of meeting your regulatory compliance needs. HBE24 Remote Temperature Monitoring, powered by Bluezone, takes Legionella Control to the next level through digitalising assets, remotely monitoring temperatures and removing the need for physical contact through IoT (Internet of Things) technology, all whilst hosting a range of powerful data in one location with a multitude of reporting options.















Legislation and best practice guidance requires that all

organisations must monitor their water systems for

Legionella and other waterborne bacteria. Traditionally this

has meant attending site, taking temperatures on a monthly

basis, however technological advances mean that we can

now remotely monitor water systems within buildings, using

the HBE24 Remote Monitoring system powered by the

award-winning Bluezone Legionella Manager system.

By fitting a discreet, battery-operated temperature sensor,

you can securely collate water temperate readings remotely.

By transferring the data via a non-invasive 0G network to a

monitoring platform, you can have customised cloud based

intelligent reporting, plus safety alerts at your fingertips!

Water stagnation can be prevented by regular flushing of outlets. HBE24’s automatic flushing mechanism can flush outlets and help avoid Legionella colonisation. Legionella risk assessments often recommend for infrequently used water outlets such as taps and showers to be monitored and for an employer or anyone responsible for commercial or residential premises, this typically means running and flushing of the outlets, whilst recording the temperature.












If there are a large number of units this means significant costs in both labour and time. THE HBE24’s automatic flushing system can flush outlets and help avoid Legionella colonisation. The all-in-one solution can be easily fitted with little maintenance, which can also record water temperatures. All of which feeds back to an intelligent easy to use platform which monitors and controls the flushing regime, stores your required compliance records and provides all necessary reporting.

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