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EV Upgrades

We work with a UK based company that provides alternative energy solutions to aid the UK’s transition to net zero.


Our EV charging stations use cutting edge battery technology to take pressure off the National Grid whilst increasing the capacity and capability of the installed chargers.


Existing standard EV chargers are connected directly to the National Grid which has several draw backs:


  • The overall energy available is governed by the incomer electricity supply capacity to the client’s site.

  • This limits the number of vehicles that can be charged concurrently.

  • As multiple vehicles are connected, charging times increase as the available energy (governed by the incomer capacity) has to be distributed across the vehicles.

  • When the client’s facility is in a high energy usage period, there is less additional energy remaining to charge vehicle which again increases charging times.

  • Typically, most vehicle charging will be conducted during daytime (high tariff periods) thus resulting in high costs for the client.

Our EV charging stations resolve these problems with the use of cutting edge battery technology and also takes pressure off the National Grid whilst increasing the capacity and capability of the installed chargers.


The system works by charging the battery from installed PV arrays or from the grid at night time during low demand and low tariff rates. The battery then acts as an energy reservoir during the daytime, high demand and high tariff rates.


The battery ensures that rapid multi-vehicle charging is achievable as it is drawing from its reserves that have been built up over night and is not reliant on the incomer capacity. The client can also charge the public for EV charging thus creating a very lucrative revenue stream (the billing rate can be set as required by the client)


Newton Power Pods


The Newton Power Pod (NPP) is an intelligent and modular plug and play Battery Energy Storage System.


Using the Newton Power Pod in conjunction with EV chargers decouples the EV Charger from the Grid and means that high power/rapid charging is always available. This solution  reduces the EV charging energy costs through the process of peak shaving (charging the battery during off-peak rates and discharging it during peak rate periods).

Contract Options

We can offer clients the EV Charging Solution via two different options:

Long Term Lease – clients lease the system from Newton Energi for a time period that is viable for both parties.

Purchase – clients purchase the system outright.

For more information
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