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Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Installing fuel cells for base load, ensures the buiness is saving  Co2 Emission 24/7 Fuel cells used for covering base load energy supply contribute significantly to savings on energy usage, with reduction around 15-20% in overall energy costs.

Fuel cells offer your business resilience against unstable grid supply, improving uptime for the end-user, especially for Data centers, Fuel cells give 99.7% resilience. 

The use of waste thermal energy produced during the process of energy generation  can be used as low-grade CHP. This energy can be used as space heating for an office block, of factory.  Even preheat in a production process.

When natural gas or biogas is used any CO2 340kg per 1mwe  emitted, is captured, using clean  carbon capture methods. this captured carbon is reused in food/drinks or other industries generate an additional  revenue. 1MW of power produced using a fuel cell uses no more space than five shipping containers. Land required for equivalent solar output would be 5.5 acres

Fuel cells require very little  maintenance. (no moving parts). Maintenance is completed every 4-5 years with the removal and replacement of a 50kwe stack, this ensures no down time during maintenance periods, always ensuring the latest up to date stack is in installed. Stack replacement ensures the fuel cells always performs, at maximum efficiency.

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