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Flavour Tap

Approximately 7.7 billion plastic bottles of water are purchased every year in the UK. You can help reduce single-use plastic by installing our sustainable flavoured water drinking solution. This innovative dispenser looks great, feels great and works great.

Plastic is causing detrimental damage to our planet. So, it is now more important than ever to makesustainable choices and reduce single plastic use. The flavour tap gives your clients the freedom tohave flavoured water, bottled at the source, without hurting the environment. Bring your own bottle and fill it up! Refill, Reuse, Repeat!

The Flavour Tap, bought to you by Everything Water & Energy, is the UK’s first pure water & flavoured digital dispense tap. It was developed for the worlds most forward thinking companies who care about sustainability, health and the wellbeing of our planet.

The digitally connected platform serves still, sparkling, and flavoured water, with zero calories and no additives, as well as eliminating the need for single use packaging! Each 500ml flavour cartridge is made with fully recyclable materials and replaces the use of over 1,000 500ml plastic bottles.

This technology allows businesses to reduce their carbon footprint while providing healthy hydrationoptions.

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